Following concerns over the visual impact of the view of docked ships from the southern part of the city - an important tourist destination - the Rio de Janeiro City Attorney's Office recently requested that the port captaincy provide alternative anchoring locations for ships at the port.

The large number of ships at anchorage derives from the need for ships to wait for the correct time to enter the port - queues may form as a result of bad weather, problems in documentation or because manoeuvres in the port are carried out only during daylight hours.

To solve these problems, the authorities plan to:

  • introduce signage in the Cotunduba Channel, thereby allowing for the entry of vessels into Guanabara Bay at night;
  • dredge the north and south channels accessing the bay so that ships may enter even during bad weather; and
  • create a vessel traffic management system.

Furthermore, investments will be made so that the areas near Ilha Rasa can accommodate on average three to five ships.

The proposed plan represents joint understandings between the Rio de Janeiro city government, the port captaincy and the dock company.

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