On October 26th, the General Administration of Customs, China (GACC) introduced on its website the IPR law enforcement outcomes by Chinese customs for the first three quarters in 2022.

From January to September, the customs nationwide detained a total of 59.77 million pieces of goods in 40,000 batches suspected of IPR infringement. GACC also approved 16,424 filings of IPR information for customs protection of IPRs.

GACC continues to enhance IPR protection by carrying out the “Longteng Action 2022” for overall IPR protection, “Lanwang Action 2022” for IPR protection at mailing channels, “Jingwang Action 2022”  for IPR protection of goods at export and transshipment, etc., so as to maintain strict crackdown upon trade of infringement goods, consolidate unified deployment and coordination as well as to further improve the efficacy in law enforcement of crackdown on IPR infringement and counterfeiting at import and export.