Our partner Aline Doussin participated in a series of BBC interviews in April discussing developments in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) talks, controversies, opportunities and possible consequences. The descriptions of her interviews and links to the segments are below:

BBC Radio 5: Stephen Nolan Show – Aline discusses President’s Obama’s comments during his visit to Europe on the TTIP and outlines the difficulties presented at finalizing the negotiations of this massive bilateral trade deal between the EU and US by the time that Obama leaves office. Listen to segment (from 1:06:19).

BBC 3 Counties: Robert Perrone Show – Aline raises the complexity of international trade law and the questions a Brexit would raise, and the affiliated impacts to the TTIP and the UK. Listen to segment (from 2:10:53).

BBC Radio 4: Today Show – Aline lays out the controversies and opportunities that TTIP would offer to both sides of the Atlantic. Listen to segment (from 1:21:19).

BBC World Service: World Business Report – Aline discusses the current developments in TTIP and possible consequences for the EU and US. Watch segment here (UK viewing only).