On August 8th, 2019, the call for the election of representatives of the National Commission for Employee Profit Sharing was published in the Federation’s Official Gazette. The vote will take place on October 3rd, 2019, at the facilities of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare.

The National Commission is in charge of revising the percentage of the companies’ taxable income that must be distributed among the employees. The Board of Representatives of the Commission is formed by 2 or up to 5 persons elected by the worker and employers’ sectors, respectively.

The last revision was published on February 3rd, 2009, by the Fifth National Commission for Employee Profit Sharing, which set the percentage of taxable income to 10%.

The referred call can be accessed directly at the following link: http://dof.gob.mx/nota_detalle.php?codigo=5567412&fecha=08/08/2019