On May 6, 2015, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) announced it would be rolling out a new digital charge system to improve customer service and to reduce the use of paper submissions and files. The system is set up to facilitate the secure digital transmission of documents between the EEOC and employers. Employers should start seeing the effects of this change soon, if they have not already. This system applies to private and public employers, unions and employment agencies.

The EEOC initially rolled out the new digital system this year as a pilot program, implementing use of the system in 11 of its regional offices located in North Carolina, Virginia, California, Colorado, Michigan, Indiana and Arizona.  The EEOC also says it will soon expand the online system to all of its offices.  Currently respondents can use the online system to complete the following tasks:

  • View and download the charge;
  • Review an invitation to mediate and respond to it;
  • Submit a Position Statement to EEOC; and
  • Provide/verify respondent contact information, including the designation of a legal representative.

The EEOC plans to also expand the functions of the online system in the future, including allowing employers to electronically submit responses to Requests for Information.

All employers should be aware of the new system and should take note that the EEOC is currently using the digital charge system to send employers notices of discrimination charges via email.  This email notice will replace the traditional EEOC paper notice.  More information about the system may be found here.