A coalition of nine environmental groups has sued EP A for allegedly failing to finalize or act on plans for dozens of states to reduce air pollution that results in haze in national parks and wilderness areas. Nat’l Parks Conservation Ass’n v. EPA, No. 11-1548 (D.D.C. filed 8/29/11). According to the complaint, the Clean Air Act required EP A, by January 15, 2011, “to have promulgated complete, final, and enforceable plans for 34 states and territories that failed to submit timely plans.” 74 Fed. Reg. 2,392 (1/15/09). It seeks orders compelling EP A (i) to promulgate federal implementation plans (FIP s) for 34 states to reduce haze in national parks and wilderness areas, and (ii) take final action approving or disapproving regional haze state implementation plans (SIP s) for nine states and one region that submitted such plans to EP A. Under the CAA, EP A is required to promulgate FIP s within two years of finding that a state has failed to submit an SIP and to approve or disapprove a state SIP submission within 18 months of receipt. The complaint alleges that EP A failed to fulfill either of these “nondiscretionary duties.”