New York Attorney General Decries High-Speed Trading.

On March 18th, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman called for tougher regulations and market reforms to eliminate the unfair advantages commonly provided to high-frequency trading firms via extra bandwidth and high-speed switches at trading venues. Schneiderman Remarks.

Europe Could Tax Forex Trades.

On March 18th, Reuters reported lawyers for the European Union have concluded that a proposed tax on financial transactions could include spot foreign exchange transactions. Spot Tax.Europe Could Tax Forex Trades.

Japan's Pension Giant Changes Investment Strategies.

On March 15th, The Economist reported that Japan's Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF) will be altering its investment strategies to boost returns to future pensioners by reducing its reliance on bonds, moving more into stocks and investing in different asset classes including infrastructure and venture capital. The traditionally conservative fund, the biggest public-sector investor in the world, plans to take on more risk in order to revive Japan's economy, alongside a radical monetary easing which the Bank of Japan began in earnest in April 2013. GPIF.Japan's Pension Giant Changes Investment Strategies.