This is a remarkable content in bidding and selection of bidders under Decree No. 63/2014/ND-CP (“Decree No. 63”) dated 26 June 2014 detailing the implementation of some articles of Tender Law on bidders selection which takes effect from 15 August 2014 and replacing Decree No. 85/2009/ND-CP (“Decree No. 85”)

Accordingly, bidders who propose higher domestic expenses or use more local employees (based on paid salary, wages) will be preferably selected if bids, dossier of proposals are ranked equal. This principle was applied previously in Decree No. 85 but only in international bidding, now extends to domestic bidding as well. With regard to mixed bidding packages, incentives are determined on the basis of all proposals of bidders in consultancy,  goods supply, and build and installation. A bidder will enjoy incentives if propose domestic expenses from 25% bidding package value. In case the bidder is entitled to enjoy various incentives, they shall enjoy the highest incentive only.

Domestic goods are subject to incentives if a bidder can prove domestic production costs of that goods accounting for at least 25% in the goods prices applying for procurement bidding packages. Besides, regarding domestic bidding of procurement bidding packages, bids, dossiers of proposals of a bidder having at least 25% of total employees are female or war invalids, disabled and having labor contract at least 03 months; bidders are small size enterprises which enjoy incentive shall be ranked higher in case bidders’ dossiers of proposals are evaluated equal.

Decree No. 63 also accepts bidder selection through Internet with regard to consultancy service, non-consultancy service, procurement, build and installation and mixed bidding packages.