The Commerce Spectrum Management Advisory Committee (CSMAC) officially called on the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) to launch a two-stage process for reallocating the 1755-1850 MHz for wireless broadband use. Under the proposed process, the highly-coveted 1755-1780 MHz band would first be auctioned in a package that is paired with the AWS-3 (advanced wireless services) band. Consisting of spectrum policy experts from outside the federal government, the CSMAC advises the NTIA on spectrum issues and is tasked with assisting the Obama Administration in its goal of freeing up 500 MHz of spectrum for wireless broadband use over the next decade. The CSMAC’s recommendations will form the basis of a future NTIA report on the reallocation to commercial wireless carriers of 1755-1850 MHz channels currently used by federal government agencies. Chief among the CSMAC’s recommendations is staging availability of the 1755-1850 MHz band while placing “priority on the early availability of the 1755-1780 MHz band, and extending in contiguous stages as necessary to accommodate the relocation and retuning of government users.” As endorsed by the wireless industry, the CSMAC report also calls for the pairing of the 2155-2180 MHz AWS- 3 band with the 1755-1780 MHz band. While supporting the notion that most of the 1755-1850 MHz band should be made available for “exclusive” wireless use, the report aligns itself with the wireless industry in urging the reallocation of spectrum “subject to predefined sharing zones where the commercial users accept reasonable and defined levels of interference” from government users. The CSMAC also stressed that NTIA should “implement an informal process . . . to directly exchange data and have a dialogue between government and industry in order to facilitate and implement the spectrum recommendations in this report.” CSMAC also agreed to append to its report a statement from CSMAC member and former NTIA Administrator Janice Obuchowski indicating that any decisions on spectrum reallocation “must address up front how relocation will be addressed for users across the entire band.” Observing that the 1755-1850 MHz band “is about as complicated a band in terms of federal uses as we have ever had to deal with,” NTIA Administrator Larry Stricking stressed that the consultative process recommended by the CSMAC “is going to be of absolute paramount importance.”