The use of renewable energy, the conservation of the environment, pollution reduction and the reduction of the emission of greenhouse gases, has highlighted the need of regulation worldwide regarding electric vehicles, taking into account the effects they produce in the face of undeniable climate change.

There are several types of electric vehicles in the current market, such as hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEV), one hundred percent electric vehicles (EV) and electric vehicles with extended autonomy (REEV). The National Authority of Public ServicesASEP-as the public entity responsible for establishing the parameters and regulations on electricity has convened through Resolution AN No. 13230 of March 29, 2019, the Public Consultation for the Proposal for Procedure to Regulate Installation of Electric Chargers and Measurement of Consumption of Electric Vehicles, through Consultation No. 006-19, within the term comprised from April 1st to April 30th, 2019. 

There are qualified persons to submit comments to the proposal i) representatives of market agents registered with ASEP ii) legal representatives of companies or individuals who have initiated a process to obtain one or more concessions and / or licenses for the provision of public electricity service iii) representatives of organizations, companies or public or private associations iv) natural or legal persons acting on their own behalf and representation. All these people can make their comments by means of a duly granted power of attorney.

The proposed procedure establishes that all regulated customers can install electric chargers for their private use... 

The proposed procedure establishes that all regulated customers can install electric chargers for their private use, since they have a meter for this purpose. In the case of a "Large Client" or "Distributor Company", who wish  to sell a letter to electric vehicles, they will be required to submit to the procedure that regulates their responsibilities. 

Three types of charging stations are established: Category I, a Large Client that installs chargers on their fields; Category II, Distribution Company that installs chargers in its concession area; Category III, private company or natural person who installs chargers in a recharging system not connected to the distribution and / or transmission networks. 

Once the comment phase of the Public Consultation has been completed, the ASEP will make the comments received available to the interested parties and will subsequently decide on the approval of the proposal or the modifications that may be appropriate.