On 28 September 2014, Council Regulation (EC) 881/2002 (“the 2002 Regulation”), which imposes financial sanctions against individuals and entities associated with Al Qaida, was amended to update details of two individuals and remove one individual who was added to the 2002 Regulation in error.

The amended list consists of (1) Mokhtar Belmokhtar and (2) Hamid Hamad Hamid Al-Ali. The de- listed individual is Qari Rahmat. He was added to the 2002 Regulation instead of to Council Regulation (EC) No. 753/2011 (“the Afghanistan Regulation”), which imposes sanctions on individuals associated with the Taliban. A further regulation will follow to include Rahmat in the Afghanistan Regulation. In the meantime, Rahmat is not listed under any of the EU’s financial sanctions regimes.

HM Treasury Financial Sanctions Notice of 30 September 2014

Council Regulation (EC) 881/2002

UN Al Qaida Sanctions List