Gary Chaplin, a top recruitment executive earning £200K per annum, was asked to resign after sending a rude and expletive rejection email to an applicant. The applicant, had sent an email and CV to Mr Chaplin and rather than simply replying to the applicant, Mr Chaplin mistakenly copied in 4,000 of the applicant’s employment leads from his initial email.

Mr Chaplin, was infuriated by the applicant’s email as it was clear he had already sent his CV to 4,000 other companies. Mr Chaplin responded with “…**** off…you are too stupid to get a job…..Yours…hitting the delete button...” 

The recruitment industry was outraged at Mr Chaplin’s remarks and many feel that it severely undermines the work they do in assisting people to find work.

Following five years with his employer, Mr Chaplin is now a job seeker himself and is mortified by his actions. In his own words, “It was a moment of idiocy…I will regret this forever.”