The computer breach scandal related to the Uconnect dashboard computer in Chrysler’s Jeep Cherokee shows that data hacks can occur in many ways. In the case of the Uconnect computer, security researchers discovered that it was possible to hack into the 2014 Jeep model’s computer and wirelessly control the steering, brakes and transmission of the vehicle, WIRED reports.

A small group of individuals have filed suit against Chrysler and are looking for the court to certify the case as a class action. Among the allegations in the lawsuit are Chrysler’s alleged knowledge of vulnerabilities in the computer and that the connection in the computer between the entertainment functions and critical drive features, such as steering and braking, is a serious defect.

While the Uconnect computer may have been created to enhance the technological capabilities of the Jeep Cherokee, it has created a potentially very expensive problem for Chrysler. Companies that are looking to include new and evolving technology in their products and services should take heed of how such technology is incorporated and the unique risks associated with doing so.