The scientific center of biomedical technologies of Russia has received three patent medicines from coronavirus infection "Leitragin".

According to a representative of the Agency, patent No. 2728939 contains information about the functions and use of the medicine for the COVID-19 treatment. The second patent, No. 2728938, has information about the prevention of pneumonia and severe complications of COVID-19 infection with this medicine. The latest patent No. 2728821 details the use of the medicine in combination with other medicines. The authors of the invention were Valentin Vinogradov, Veronika Skvortsova, Vladislav Karkishchenko, Igor Pomytkin, Alexander Samoylov, Tatyana Astrelina and Yuri Udalov.

Alexander Ginzburg, Director of the National research center for epidemiology and Microbiology, said that coronavirus vaccines are being tested all over the world, each one is at different stages of clinical trials. The liquid form of the vaccine has been registered in Russia, and its dry form is expected to be registered soon. However, in the second case, the vaccine will be produced in smaller quantities due to the time-consuming process, since the medicine must be dried for four days. In this dry form, the vaccine is more convenient to transport, there is no need for a cold chain, but due to the heavy technological and long manufacturing process, its cost will be much higher.

"Leitragin" is a unique medicine that does not repeat the experience of foreign colleagues. If in the West opioid peptides were considered exclusively as means for pain relief, Russian scientists have discovered another side of Hexapeptide - participation in the implementation of the immune response to the virus. According to Alexander Gintsburg, the Russian technology of working on the vaccine is similar to the Oxford trial but will not give such a long-lasting immunity as our two-component ones.

Previously in April, Rospatent established a priority regime for considering applications for trademarks and inventions designed to prevent coronavirus and related diseases. Head of Rospatent Grigory Ivliev noted that this means that the medical community will get faster access to the results of developments contained in the certificates. Moreover, the accelerated process of data exchange with international patent office’s increases efforts to fight the virus.