In a deal that is reportedly the first of its kind, media reports state that city officials in St. Paul, Minnesota, site of the Republican National Convention, demanded that the GOP’s host committee purchase a $10 million police professional liability policy covering damages and unlimited legal costs for law enforcement accused of police misconduct, including “brutality” and civil rights violation. 

In previous years, according to media reports, the cities hosting such political conventions either covered those costs from their general budgets or purchased insurance using tax money. However, St. Paul officials, reportedly under the direction of Mayor Chris Coleman, insisted that the GOP use private donations to purchase the policy.

Proponents of the agreement reportedly contend that the deal could save tax payers millions as St. Paul police have arrested hundred of protesters during the RNC this week. Critics, on the other hand, reportedly argue that the agreement grants immunity to law enforcement officials and only encourages police to use unduly aggressive tactics against protesters.