The government has announced new building initiatives, including the setting up of a National Infrastructure Commission.

The NIC is beginning work immediately in an interim form, before being made permanent by legislation. Its remit is to consider future infrastructure of national significance. It will deliver a long-term plan and assessment of national infrastructure needs early in each parliament, setting out what a government is expected to do over the next five years. It will be overseen by a small board, appointed by the Chancellor, and able to commission research and call for evidence from public sector bodies and private sector experts.

The NIC’s initial focus will be on transforming the connectivity of northern cities, including HS3, the priorities for future large-scale investment in London’s public transport infrastructure and the most efficient way to ensure energy infrastructure investment can meet future demand. It will not re-examine existing government infrastructure commitments, Heathrow and airports in the South East or the work of the Airports Commission and it will not re-open regulatory price controls. chancellor-announces-major-plan-to-get-britainbuilding