The Decree established that the total of unskilled employees (employees that do not have technical or professional formation) hired by oil and gas companies developing projects in Colombia must be, as general rule, local residents of the areas where the project is being developed. The cities or regions that do not have to comply with this obligation will be established by the Ministry of Work.

Additionally, the Decree established that minimum a 30 percent of the skilled employees hired must be resident of the specific region of the project. If local employees do not meet the requirements for the position or are insufficient to cover the demand, the company may hire employees of the surrounding areas. Ultimately, if the situation persists, the company may hire employees not resident in the area or region, but should hire Colombian employees.

Considering the above mentioned, the main purpose of the special measures adopted by Colombian Government is to benefit the residents of the specific location where oil and gas are exploited. Also its purpose is to facilitate the reinsertion of unemployed individuals into the Colombian labor market.

The Ministry of Work will receive a report every six months from the "Unidad Administrativa Especial del Servicio Público de Empleo" (Special Administrative Unit Of The Public Labor Service) regarding the progress of the implementation of the measures ordered by the Decree. The measures must be applied for two years after the publication of the Decree (October 17, 2014). However, such term can be renewed by the Colombian Government.