With more personally identifiable information (PII) being created and consolidated than ever before, data breaches are hitting organizations and individuals harder and harder. The impacts of these attacks can be devastating and legislators have decided enough is enough. Next month, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force, putting significant pressure on organizations to manage PII efficiently and safely.

However, is it not enough to rely on cybersecurity defenses? As we have seen from the likes of Equifax, Uber, and others, determined hackers can get into even the (seemingly) most secure organizations at will. It’s no longer a matter of preventing a breach, but minimizing its impact. According to GDPR, this means investigating and reporting on it within 72 hours. Is your organization ready to move this quickly?

Visibility to Act

Combining best practices from data stewardship and data forensics, the Nuix Always On approach to information governance can provide your organization the visibility to act, fast, if it’s breached. This involves planning for incidents to occur by understanding your data and properly budgeting for incident response. By taking this approach, you can even detect and stop breaches earlier in the adversary’s cycle, known as being ‘left of breach.’ That’s why I call myself an Information Lefty.

Nuix can help you to get left of a breach by:

  • Providing the data necessary to create a policy and identifying all locations where data exists, prioritizing the risk of each location to remediate any data in violation of policy
  • Establishing systems and processes to protect the organization from risks associated with data breaches as well as non-compliance with subject access requests and data breach notification rules
  • Identifying and cataloguing persons and items of interest in a centralized intelligence database to trigger an early warning the next time they are seen

If your organization does experience a breach, Nuix can investigate it rapidly under GDPR rules, helping you:

  • Gain thorough visibility into activity throughout the enterprise
  • Follow an attackers’ tracks to identify areas of control they had within your organization
  • Facilitate root-cause and timeline analysis to determine who did what, when, and where
  • Quickly investigate complex incidents to gather evidence and determine next steps
  • Determine the full scope of the incident across systems and beyond
  • Focus on the threats that matter. Rather than alerting your entire customer base of a data breach, use Nuix to pinpoint exactly who may have been affected and notify that group “without undue delay”

The same Nuix tools can examine data at the petabyte level to gain visibility into your dark data and at the bit level to stop and report on nefarious activity.

Take Advantage of Connected Intelligence

Nuix works for data professionals because they appreciate how our Connected Intelligence approach enables them to unlock their resources and work smarter. Deploy Nuix in your organization to instrument your infrastructure for visibility, reduce your risk exposure, minimize the impact of security incidents, and identify and remediate private data that is at risk of being lost in a breach. Nuix can help you meet your GDPR obligations and prevent data breaches from causing your organization a headache it really can’t afford.