The CMU Action Plan explains the economic and political background to the initiative, summarising the key legislative proposals and consultative measures which make up the core building blocks of the CMU.  CMU is intended to reinforce the third pillar of the Investment Plan for Europe, enhancing Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) by supporting economic convergence and absorbing economic shocks in the Eurozone.  Stronger capital markets will strengthen the link between savings and growth to provide more options and better returns for savers and investors, while businesses will have more funding options at different stages of their development.  The CMU Action Plan only mentions securitisation briefly, to note that its revival (including for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)) would make over €120 billion of additional funding available, and help build a long-term investor base as well as diversify funding sources.  Further background and explanatory information on CMU generally is available from the Commission's CMU webpages linked below (see "useful links").