Millennial brands should be alive to the merits of reaching out to customers through their favoured social media spheres, but must do so in the cautionary knowledge that their audience is oftentimes turned off by being "advertised to".

This is where Snapchat has the edge. The app allows retailers to publish "stories" of photographs and videos which remain live for only 24-hours, after which they are deleted. The lack of permanence of the material, and its fleeting availability, both relieves sales pitch and purchasing pressure and draws viewers into the sentiment that they are gaining an exclusive insight into the brand.

Another attraction to Snapchat is its impressive global reach; enticing over 100 million users (including 41% of all 18 to 34 year olds in the United States) who watch over 10 billion videos, every single day. This publicity vehicle is already being utilized by major retailers to generate traffic towards their brands, including Gatorade, Calvin Klein, Nars, and Valentino. Some have enhanced their following further by teaming up with celebrity Snapchatters, for example Tommy Hilfiger who frequently collaborates with the ever more popular Gigi Hadid. These brands have taken the initiative to follow consumers onto their playground, rather than expecting to be sought out on their own platforms.

Whilst there is little hard and fast evidence to show that Snapchat stories directly contribute to sales, their potential to increase brand exposure on an international scale is encouraging.

Before using Snapchat, or any app, the implications of any provisions under applicable Terms of Use (including those dealing with intellectual property, privacy, data, and other rights) should be carefully considered. If you would like further information on any such implications, please contact a member of the Bryan Cave Retail Team.