The French Data Protection Authority (CNIL) has recently published its annual report. It states that it has:

  • Received 7,703 complaints, 33% of which concern the dissemination of personal data on the internet; 410 of these complaints follow refusals of requests for de-referencing from search engines
  • Performed 430 checks, including 100 online checks and 94 checks to ensure the compliance of CCTV devices; 60% of these checks are carried out on the initiative of the CNIL, especially in view of current events, 20% result from its annual program, 15% are part of the investigation of complaints
  • Issued 82 formal notices, including four that were released to the public
  • Issued nine warnings, including four that were released to the public

In 2017, the top priority for the CNIL is to prepare for the transition to the GDPR. Its national action plan focuses mainly on (i) providing support for professionals, (ii) transforming compliance tools in order to comply with European standards and (iii) implementing the requested change within the institution of the CNIL.

The CNIL also announced that it will particularly work on the themes of confidentiality of health data processed by insurance companies, intelligence files and connected televisions.