Eight leading consumer brand companies, including Procter & Gamble, have joined with the conservation group World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to form the Bioplastic Feedstock Alliance (BFA), which aims to “encourage the responsible development and growth of plastics made from plant material and build a more sustainable future for the bioplastics industry.”The group will focus primarily on “guiding the responsible selection and harvesting of feed- stocks—sugar cane, corn, bulrush, and switchgrass—used to make plastics from agricultural materials.”

Noting that consumers across the world are increasingly looking for more sustainable products, including those made from plant-based plastics, BFA observes that as development of these renewable materials has grown, so has the opportunity to address their potential impacts on land use, food security and biodiversity. BFA intends to bring together leading experts across variousindustries and organizations to help guide the evaluation and sustainable development of bioplastic feedstocks. The Alliance will be supported by academic experts, supply chain partners, suppliers, and technology develop- ment companies.See BFA News Release, November 19, 2013.