Publications and Guidance

NHS National Tariff Payment System 2016/17. This year’s national tariff comes into effect from 1 April 2016. It aims to give providers of NHS services the space to restore financial balance and support providers and commissioners to make ambitious longer term plans for their local health economies. 

Monitor and NHS England have also published a number of supporting documents to be read alongside the 2016/17 national tariff. 

Smokers and overweight patients: soft targets for NHS savings? This report explores how widespread the practice of restricting surgery on the basis of weight or smoking status has become by examining the commissioning policies of CCGs in England. The report compares these against guidance produced by NICE, RCS and surgical specialty associations. It found that over one in three CCGs in England are denying or delaying routine surgery to patients - such as hip and knee replacements - until they stop smoking or lose weight, in contravention of national clinical guidance. 


Tens of millions to be reinvested in patient care thanks to NHS devices deal. NHS England and NHS Business Services Authority have agreed a single national approach for purchasing and supplying expensive medical devices such as implantable cardioverter defibrillators. The new system for hospital trusts to order devices for specialist services will be operated by NHS Supply Chain. All Trusts currently purchasing these high-cost devices will be contacted by NHS England and NHS Supply Chain in a phased approach from April 2016. NHS Supply Chain will provide a full programme of support to each Trust to ensure a smooth migration over to the new arrangements before the end of 2016. This press release gives more details and lists the devices covered by the agreement.