Further to our post last week on the proclamation of the Responsible Energy Development Act effective June 17, a number of additional steps have now been taken to prepare the regulator for launch. These include:

In addition, the government last week announced the names of the eight persons who will form the initial Board of Directors of the regulator, and the five individuals who will act as full-time Hearing Officers.

The AER has started to issue guidelines and directives dealing with the transition. Today it issued one directive and two manuals:

  • Directive 031: REDA Energy Cost Claims (replaces Directive 31)
  • Manual 003: The Hearing Process for the Alberta Energy Regulator (replaces Directive 29)
  • Manual 004: Alternative Dispute Resolution Program and Guidelines for Energy Industry Disputes (replaces IL 2001-01)

Finally, the Alberta Energy Regulator has also launched its website, at www.aer.ca, and its twitter feed, @AER_news

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