On 2 June 2010, the European Commission announced that it has opened proceedings to investigate whether “non-compete” clauses in agreements between French company, Areva and German company, Siemens infringe Articles 101(1) and 102 TFEU. The background to the dispute is that in 2000, Areva and Siemens combined their respective activities in the field of civil nuclear technology in a joint venture, Areva NP. The deal was approved by the Commission following an in-depth merger inquiry. In 2009, Areva acquired sole control of Areva NP, and this deal was also approved by the Commission. Siemens is considering entering the market with a new partner but may be hampered by the non-compete provisions. The Commission is now investigating whether the non-compete clauses between the companies, which were entered into when Areva took full control of the joint venture, were ancillary to the acquisition or are outside the scope of the approved transaction and are anti-competitive.