Il est rappelé aux émetteurs inscrits à la TSX qu'à compter du 1er avril 2018, conformément aux récentes modifications du Guide à l'intention des sociétés de la TSX, ils seront tenus d'afficher sur leurs sites Web la dernière version en vigueur de leurs documents constitutifs et, s'ils en ont adopté, de certaines politiques et règles en matière de gouvernance.

Une traduction de ce billet sera disponible prochainement.

TSX-listed issuers are reminded that, as of April 1, 2018, recent amendments to the TSX Company Manual will require that current, effective version of the issuers’ constating documents and, if adopted, certain corporate governance policies and charters be made available on the issuers’ website.

Key documents to be published include:

  • Articles of incorporation, amalgamation, continuation or any other constating or establishing documents of the issuer.
  • By-laws.

If adopted, issuers must also publish:

  • Majority voting policy.
  • Advance notice policy.
  • Position descriptions for the chairman of the board and the lead director.
  • Board mandate.
  • Board committee charters.

The website to which the documents are published must be accessible from the issuer’s home page or investor relations page. Issuers may satisfy the TSX’s new requirement by posting the current, effective version of a larger document that contains the issuers’ constating documents and/or corporate governance documents, for example, an issuer’s circular or annual information form.

Non-Corporate Issuers, Eligible Interlisted Issuers and Eligible International Interlisted Issuers (each as defined in the Company Manual) will be exempt from this new requirement.