Angus Partners, LLC d/b/a Angus Energy settled charges brought by the Commodity Futures Trading that it acted as an unregistered commodity trading advisor when it advised its energy clients on hedging strategies involving over-the-counter commodity options and swaps. The Commission also claimed that the firm never provided a required disclosure document to its clients that revealed that it sold its clients OTC options that included a markup that it retained. The CFTC charged that Angus has engaged in its wrongful conduct since October 2012. According to the CFTC, during the relevant time, Angus Energy promoted itself as an expert in devising hedging strategies, using promotional literature that “gave clients the clear impression that Angus [Energy] would act in its clients best interest.” Angus’s clients were mostly retailers of heating oil and other fuel products. To resolve this matter, Angus Energy agreed to pay a fine of US $250,000.