From 1 January 2013, there will be a new tax on public utility infrastructures. 

The tax is imposed by the recently-adopted Public Utility Infrastructure Tax Act which will come into force on 1 January 2013. 

The Tax will be payable annually in two instalments, by 20 March and by 20 September in the year for which it is due.

It is levied on the metric length of pipelines and cables at the rate of HUF 125 (c. €0.44) per metre. 

It applies to whoever owns (or operates, if the owner is the state or a municipality) a public utility infrastructure on the first day of the calendar year.

‘Public utility infrastructure’ (according to the Act) means pipes and cables allowing the consumer usage of water, sewage, natural gas, heating, electricity or telecommunications except for pipes and cables on a specific plot that only serve the consumer’s requirements related to that specific plot. 

Local governments and the state will be exempt, while telecoms service providers will get tax relief depending on the length of their cables.