A general practitioner who did not fully investigate a patient's sudden drop in haemoglobin levels has appeared before the Tribunal on charges brought by the Director of Proceedings for the Health and Disability Commissioner. The patient was later diagnosed with metastatic liver cancer. The Tribunal noted that the failure to make the diagnosis itself was not sufficient to justify disciplinary intervention, but found that the practitioner's failure to adequately follow up signs of pathology amounted to malpractice and was likely to have brought discredit to the medical profession. The Tribunal commented that: "the message must be sent to the medical profession that pathology does require adequate consideration and time to be given to it". The Tribunal ordered the practitioner to pay costs and also placed a number of conditions on his practice, including three years of supervision. The Director of Proceedings has appealed part of the Tribunal's decision to the High Court. Dr Vatsyayann (428/Med10/170D).