An additional (and likely final) update on Senate Bill 306 and House Bill 422 affecting craft breweries in Virginia:

As discussed in our last post, the Virginia House of Delegates added an amendment to HB422 that exempted Deschutes Brewery from complying with the bill’s effective date of January 1, 2019. Both the House and Senate passed this version of the bill on February 20. Thus, the bill now only awaits the governor’s signature before becoming law.

As mentioned previously, SB306 and HB422 will require a brewery taproom to produce on-premises at least 20 percent of the beer consumed on those premises beginning January 1, 2019. This amendment buys Deschutes over three years to come into line with the pending restrictions.

Thank you for following our coverage of the bills’ progress.

The final, passed version of HB422 is here.