On January 1, 2023, California’s statewide minimum wage increased to $15.50 for all employers. Depending on where their employees are located within the state, California employers may be facing another minimum wage increase on July 1st.

Several localities in California have minimum wage ordinances that require employers to pay employees working in those localities a minimum wage that is higher than the state minimum wage. While many local minimum wages increase every January 1st, as does the state minimum wage, a number increase every July 1st.

The following localities will raise their minimum wage on July 1, 2023:

Employers must also ensure that minimum wage postings in the workplace are updated appropriately to reflect state and local increases.

These changes to local minimum wage requirements do not affect the minimum salary requirement for certain exempt employees in California; that salary requirement is based on the state minimum wage and does not increase based on changes in local law.