Food Standards Scotland adopts radical food health strategy: The Board of Food Standards Scotland has agreed a radical set of actions aimed at improving diet related health in Scotland, including recommending a sugar tax to the Scottish Government.  View > View >

Guidelines updated for health claim applications: The European Food Safety Authority has updated its guidelines for health claim applications including on supporting scientific evidence required. View >

Broadband advertising in the spotlight by ASA: Following a joint study by ASA and OFCOM, ASA has undertaken to work with Broadband advertisers on guidelines for pricing up until May 2016 in a move welcomed by Citizens Advice. View > Citizens Advice >

Consultation on noise sensitive development guidance: CIEH has highlighted guidance by several technical bodies on this topic which closes on 31 March. View >

Enforcement action to protect brands from lookalike packaging in prospect: BIS Minister Dame Lucy Neville Rolfe has announced a new strategy for the Intellectual Property Office to protect brands, including training in association with the British Brands Group for Trading Standards Officers on ‘case studies’ on lookalike packaging. View >

UK ratifies protocol on ‘forced labour’: The UK has become one of the first countries in the world to ratify an International Labour Organisation protocol on forced labour, committing the UK to take steps to prevent, protect and also to have laws in place to compensate those affected. View >

Air quality plan published: DEFRA have published a detailed plan to tackle nitrous oxide levels in towns and cities. View >

Consultation on D-ribose as novel food: The FSA Advisory Committee for Novel and Food Processes has issued a consultation on its assessment of an application for authorisation of D-ribose as a novel food – closing date 1 February. View >

Consultation on sunbed use: EU DG HEALTH has launched a consultation on a scientific assessment that there is no safe level of sunbed use – closing date 21 March. View >

EU technical regulations:

  • Including gamma-glutamyl-valyl-glycine as a permitted flavouring 2016/54 >
  • Setting MRL’s for oxadixyl and spinetoram 2016/46 > 
  • Amends MRL’s for diethofencarb, mesotrione, metosulam and pirimiphos-methyl 2016/53 > 
  • Updated list of EU permitted flavouring substances 2016/55 > 
  • Permits the use of rosemary (E 392) in edible fats 2016/56 > 
  • Revising MRL’s for 11 pesticides 2016/67 >