Effective Sept. 15, 2014, nursing homes, residential care facilities and county homes in Ohio will soon have additional requirements related to the admission of a registered sex offender. House Bill 483 and the Mid-Biennium Budget Review Bill added Section 3721.122 to the Ohio Revised Code. Before an individual is admitted as a resident to a nursing home, residential care facility or county home, the administrator shall search the Ohio sex offender registry for the individual’s name in the internet-based sex offender and child-victim offender databases. If the search results identify the individual as a sex offender and the registered sex offender is admitted, a care plan must be developed to protect other residents and provide a safe environment free of abuse. Also, the nursing home, residential care facility or county home must notify residents and their sponsors of the sex offender’s admission and provide a description of the plan of care for safety. The sex offender registry can be found here.