The Commission invites comments on a proposal to simplify certain procedures for notifying mergers under the EU Merger Regulation. The proposal aims to make the EU merger control more business-friendly by cutting red tape and streamlining procedures thus expanding the scope of the simplified procedure. In particular, the Commission proposes that the market share threshold for treatment under the simplified procedure for mergers between firms competing in the same market should be raised from 15% to 20%. For mergers between firms active in upstream and downstream markets - such as between a producer of car parts and a car manufacturer - the threshold should rise from 25% to 30%. The Commission also proposes to treat a case as simplified when the combined market share of two firms active in the same market is above the 20% threshold but the increase in market share resulting from the merger is very small. These proposed changes could allow up to 70% of all notified mergers to qualify for review under the Commission's simplified procedure, which is about 10% more than today. Furthermore, the Commission proposes to reduce the net amount of information required to notify all mergers, which will significantly lessen the administrative burden. The Commission invites comments on its proposal by 19 June 2013. Source: Commission Press Release 27/3/2013