This past August, the Toronto City Council passed an amendment to the Municipal Code- Property Standards to allow the use of motion sensor-controlled lighting in multi-unit residential buildings. This now allows motion sensor lighting in corridors, parking garages, storage rooms and laundry rooms. Stairwells and lobbies are not permitted to have this type of lighting.

Why now? Case studies have shown that installing motion sensor lighting can impact greatly on energy savings. Condominium corporations are looking at ways to save owners money, by reducing operating costs without impacting on the residents quality of life.

In 2007 the Ontario Building Code was amended to allow for the installation of motion sensor lighting. The Municipal Code-Property Standards did not permit motion sensor lighting, which meant that multi-residential unit buildings in Toronto could not take this energy savings initiative.

With the passing of the amendment to the Municipal Code -Property Standards, condominium corporations can now look to installing sensors in hallways and parking garages.

It is important to get contractors who know about the specific regulations for installation of motion sensor lighting, as there are all kinds of stipulations as to the manner in which the installation has be carried out.

TowerWise is a program of the Toronto Atmospheric Fund and is working with industry representatives to help reduce the climate impact of high-rise living by saving energy and money. They have been instrumental in getting changes to the Municipal Code.