Health Canada is seeking comments on its guidance document on satiety health claims on food. The guidance document advises that satiety claims would be considered function claims and that, in general, they are comparative claims whereby the food bearing the claim shows beneficial effects on measures of satiety when compared to a reference (control) food. The document has a table of examples of acceptable and unacceptable claims. For example:  

Acceptable: A serving (of stated size) of X with Y grams of ingredient Z can suppress hunger longer than the same amount of X without ingredient Z.  

Unacceptable: Ingredient Z helps suppress hunger (no comparator; extrapolation of the effect of an ingredient or generic macronutrient content across product types or forms cannot be made without supporting evidence).  

The claim must be substantiated by scientific evidence using human studies as further described in the document. Guiding principles for the substantiation of satiety health claims are set out in the document as well.  

A copy of the consultation is available here, and the draft guidance document is available here. The deadline for comments is November 12, 2012.