On July 2, 2015, ESMA published a final report on the interoperability arrangements between EU-based CCPs. The report is required under the European Market Infrastructure Regulation. Interoperability arrangements made between two or more CCPs enable a counterparty using one CCP to execute a trade with a counterparty that chooses to use a different CCP. The report, which describes current interoperability arrangements for different product types such as equities and government bonds recommends that the interoperability provisions in EMIR (which are currently limited to transferable securities and money-market instruments only) are not yet extended to OTC derivatives, given the additional complexities involved in an interoperability arrangement between CCPs clearing OTC derivative contracts. The report does, however, recommend that the interoperability provisions in EMIR be extended to Exchange-Traded Derivatives, as one interoperability arrangement already exists (between LCH.Clearnet Ltd and Oslo Clearing), as is the general framework for assessing the risk involved as a result. This proposal will next be considered by the European Commission and may prove to be controversial.

The final report is available at: http://www.esma.europa.eu/news/ESMA-report-proposes-include-ETDs-EMIRs-interoperability-arrangements-CCPs? t=326&o=home.