Further to our posting this morning about Loblaw's, the Ontario Power Authority ("OPA") offered a total of 510 Feed-in Tariff ("FIT") contracts today. In its press release, the OPA described the allocation of contracts as follows:

"The 510 projects are to be built in 120 communities across Ontario by farmers, municipalities, local distribution companies, commercial businesses, industrial customers, public institutions, such as schools and hospitals, a winery and even a church. The projects range from 10 kilowatts to 500 kilowatts and have a total generating capacity of 112 megawatts - enough energy to power more than 13,000 homes. About 95 percent of the projects are for solar generation. The remaining projects are biogas (20), water (4), onshore wind (3) and biomass (1)."

A complete list of projects and their proponents is available on the OPA's website.

All of the projects qualify as capacity-allocation exempt projects, meaning that they are not subject to the Transmission Availability Test under the FIT rules.

Up next: projects that are not capacity allocation exempt. These will include distribution-connected projects over 250 kW if connected to a less than 15 kV line or 500 kW if connected to a 15 kV or greater line and stand-alone projects as well as transmission connected projects. Proponents of these projects are no doubt anxious to hear from the OPA: not only are these projects bigger, but they are also subject to the Transmission Availability Test. Proponents may have made some big bets on their shovel-readiness under the OPA's FIT program launch rules.