John Mavros and David Rashé of the Irvine office authored the article, "Why Tip-Pooling Could Be Making a Comeback” featured in FSR Magazine. In this article, John and David discuss the Department of Labor’s proposal to partially rescind the previous strict 2011 regulations on tip-pooling, which decided what constitutes a “tip” and who receives it. This interpretation favored front-of-house employees and led to numerous lawsuits.

John and David explained that before 2011 the tip pooling arrangements involved front-of-the-house staff sharing total tips received with back-of-the-house staff. The new proposal will reinstate that arrangement with the intention of decreasing wage disparities between front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house employees, incentivize all restaurant employees to strive to improve the customer experience and give restaurants discretion on how they compensate their employees.

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