According to news sources, a mobile court that is part of a Rapid Action Battalion in Bangladesh recently conducted a raid that resulted in the destruction of 10 truckloads of fake toiletries and cosmetic products, the sealing of 17 fake cosmetics-manufacturing facilities in Dakha and a two-year prison sentence for Mohammad Howlader and Sanowar Howlader, the owners of two of the factories. Magistrate Anwar Pasha led the action; he said, “We conducted a sudden drive at Moina Haji’s premises near Matitola Mosque and Chitra Cinema. We found that fake cosmetic goods worth hundreds of thousands of taka were being manufactured there.”

One of individuals detained reportedly said that employees would buy empty deodorant bottles from the streets and fill them with fake product before selling them. Another employee apparently told news sources that his job was to paste labels on the deodorant bottles; he also indicated that shampoos were made by mixing coloring and aromatic agents with the liquid soap used in garment factories for washing clothes. The magistrate advised consumers to destroy empty containers after use, saying that the fakes, which had been supplied throughout the country for a long time, could harm the skin and cause hair loss. See and The Daily Star, July 8, 2014.