The RK Ministry of Energy has approved a list of subsurface areas to be tendered. The list includes 12 hydrocarbon deposits, half of which are located in the Kyzylorda Oblast.

The period for filing applications to participate in the tender will expire on 1 October 2015 at 4:00 pm. Upon expiry of this period, the RK Ministry of Energy will notify each applicant admitted to the tender.

The participation fee is 100 times the monthly calculation index (KZT 198,200). If an applicant intends to participate in tenders in relation to several objects of subsurface use, it must apply and pay a participation fee separately for each object.

An applicant admitted to the tender will receive, within one months following the application, geological information on the tendered subsurface area. Charges are made for the provision of this information and are not refundable.

The tender participants should present their bids for obtaining the subsurface use rights, within the established time period. A successful bidder will be determined based on the results of consideration of bids, depending on the amount of the signature bonus offered, and the amount of expenses for the social and economic development of the region and its infrastructure to which the bidder commits.

The starting amount of the signature bonus per each tendered deposit is KZT 5,549,600.