A family feud between cousins who owned stock in the Market Basket, a New England grocery chain, led to the ouster of the Chief Executive Officer, Arthur T. Demoulas, and this "man bites dog" story. Taking a cue from the labor movement, employees walked out in protest (and in support of their old CEO), and customers joined in with a consumer boycott. How it all will end is unclear at press time, but a strike in support of management is not something we see every day. Press reports indicate that the former CEO is looking to buy a controlling interest from his cousin's side of the family to end the dispute. The new, current management is considering using replacement workers to somehow gain an operational upper hand and preserve the corporate valuation that may be diminished by the walkout and consumer boycott. Meanwhile, the grocer has cut the hours of part-time workers, apparently due to the loss of business caused by the consumer boycott.