The OSC recently granted relief, pursuant to certain conditions, to a number of applicants exempting their funds and current and future mutual funds managed by the applicants that enter into swaps in the future:

  1. from the requirement in subsection 2.7(1) of NI 81-102 that a mutual fund must not purchase an option or a debt-like security or enter into a swap or a forward contract unless, at the time of the transaction, the option, debt-like security, swap or contract has an approved credit rating or the equivalent debt of the counterparty, or of a person or company that has fully and unconditionally guaranteed the obligations of the counterparty in respect of the option, debt-like security, swap or contract, has an approved credit rating (the Counterparty Credit Rating Requirement);
  2. from the limitation in subsection 2.7(4) of NI 81-102 that the mark-to-market value of the exposure of a mutual fund under its specified derivatives positions with any one counterparty other than an acceptable clearing corporation or a clearing corporation that settles transactions made on a futures exchange listed in Appendix A to NI 81-102 shall not exceed, for a period of 30 days or more, 10 percent of the net asset value of the mutual fund (the Counterparty Mark-to-Market Exposure Limit); and
  3. from the requirement in subsection 6.1(1) of NI 81-102 to hold all portfolio assets of a mutual fund under the custodianship of one custodian in order to permit each FIC Fund to deposit cash and portfolio assets directly with a Futures Commission Merchant (as defined below) and indirectly with a Clearing Corporation (as defined below) as margin,

in each case, with respect to cleared swaps.

The exemptive relief allows the applicants to enter into cleared swaps in accordance with the clearing requirements under Dodd-Frank/CFTC without having to comply with the above requirements.