Australian Taxation Office

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GST threshold for imported goods

In a speech by the Treasurer at the COSBOA National Small Business Summit on Friday, it was suggested that there may be changes to the GST low-value import threshold. Specifically the Treasurer stated that "Our application of GST to imported digital products is potentially going to go further following discussions with the State Treasurers in mid-August. We've now found a way to ensure that those providing goods from overseas, into Australia, do not get any advantage out of the tax free threshold."

ASX updated guidance

This LegalTalk Alert summarises the key features of the ASX’s updated guidance on continuous disclosure obligations of listed entities. The revised ASX guidance contains further information on how the ASX considers that listed entities should deal with analyst forecasts, consensus estimates, earnings surprises, and analyst and investor briefings in the context of complying with their continuous disclosure obligations.


Business Names (Availability of Names) Determination 2015 and accompanying Guidelines, registered today, set out rules regarding the determination of whether business names are identical or nearly identical, the kinds of names that are undesirable, and words or expressions that are restricted (also see Minister for Small Business media release).