According to SIPO, since the introduction of IP expedited enforcement in late 2012, 6 local IP enforcement centers, including Zhongshan (known for lighting), Nantong (known for home textiles), Chaoyang Beijing (known for design services), Hangzhou (known for pen making), Dongguan (known for furniture) and Shunde (known for consumer electronics), have been set up helping SIPO with preliminary examination of nearly 6,500 design patents and assisting local IP offices in mediating over 1,500 patent infringement disputes.

Over the last two and half years, progress has been made in speeding up the efficiency of IP enforcement and patent examination paces. Under the authorization of local China IP offices, IP enforcement centers carried out speedy mediation process for patent disputes, and established cooperation mechanism with local courts on mutual acceptance of evidence and preposition of settlement; As a result, the handling period of a patent infringement dispute case is reduced from 4 months to 1 month. At the same time, the expedited examination mechanism has shortened the examination period for design patents to 10 working days, making it possible for companies to synchronize patent application with new product time-to-market.