The USCIS recently reminded the public that the modification to its fee schedule becomes effective for applications or petitions post-marked or otherwise filed on or after November 23, 2010. Most of the USCIS fees are increasing due to the modification in the fee schedule. However, a few of the filing fees are decreasing. Additionally, the USCIS is adding additional fees for various services as part of this modification to its fee schedule. Detailed information about the modifications to the fee schedule is contained in our firm's Immigration Update dated June 7, 2010 which is available on our firm's website at: The USCIS stated that the new fee schedule increases application and petition fees by an average of about 10%. However, the USCIS continues to emphasize that it is not modifying its naturalization application fee. The USCIS last modified its fees in July 2007 when it significantly increased all of its fees.