According to Article 100 of the Political Constitution, foreign investors in Colombia are permitted to invest in almost every sector of the country’s economy, however there are some exceptions.  The Colombian Government provides the same rights, privileges, benefits and incentives to foreign investors as it does to national investors.

Colombia’s foreign investment is regulated by these principles:


Colombia law mandates that both national and foreign investors be treated equally.  It is against the law to discriminate against foreign investors in any way.


Foreign investment in Colombia is permitted in almost every sector of the economy with the exception of:

  • Activities related with national defense and security.
  • The processing, disposal and dumping of toxic, hazardous or radioactive waste not produced in the country.
  • Foreign investments in entities operating open television services are restricted and cannot exceed 40% capital stock.
  • Certain private security and surveillance services.


The majority of foreign investments in Colombia are not restricted nor do they require prior authorization.  However some investments in certain sectors of the economy such as insurance, banking, mining, hydrocarbon and finance generally require prior authorizations or permits.


The conditions, at the time of the registration of the foreign investment, related to the repatriation of the investment and the remittance of profits associated to it, will not be modified in a manner that adversely affects the foreign investor. For instance, those conditions mentioned above may be amended, probably affecting the foreign investor, in such cases when the country’s international reserves are equivalent to less than three months of imports.