Working in an office will never be the same again. As we move towards what is hoped to be the end of the pandemic, and with the vaccination programme well established, now is the time for employers to consider what their agile working arrangements will be post-Covid. Multiple considerations arise, such as:

  • What lessons have been learnt from the past year and how can you capitalise on these to best position your business for success? 
  • What arrangements do your employees want post-Covid? Will there be a strong demand for flexibility? 
  • Do you need to survey employees to find out?
  • How do you want to position yourself in the market as an employer?
  • How will you supervise and develop people in a hybrid working environment?
  • What are the employment law, data protection, health and safety and regulatory considerations in the countries where you employ people? 
  • How will you document the new policy?
  • What bearing do real estate costs have on these decisions?
  • What IT will you need to operate effectively with these new arrangements in place?