On 1 July 2015 HMRC published a revised list of schemes which have told HMRC that they meet the requirements to be a "Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme" (ROPS).  This replaces HMRC's previous list of QROPS (Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes).  Over three quarters of the schemes which previously appeared on the QROPS list have been deleted from the new ROPS list for failing to meet the requirement that they must not normally allow benefits to be paid before "normal minimum pension age.  For a transfer to an overseas scheme to be an authorised payment the overseas scheme must meet not just the statutory requirements to be a ROPS, but the additional requirements to be a qualifying ROPS (QROPS). Pension schemes newsletter 69 states that a scheme's appearance on the revised list does not guarantee that it is a QROPS and that schemes considering a transfer should make additional enquiries as well as  checking the list.