Whilst it might feel like the summer has been and gone, it is still upon us in spite of the rain! The warm balmy days and long evenings may have fired your inspiration and given you some ideas about potential events, parties, or even a new business venture you would like to start! If the summer has brought the entrepreneur out in you, make sure you check whether you need a licence before galloping forward with your new idea.

The activities which require a licence are:

  • The sale of alcohol
  • The supply of alcohol in a qualifying club
  • The provision of late night refreshment
  • The provision of regulated entertainment

If you are thinking of opening a pub, bar, restaurant or off licence etc., then you will require a Premises Licence. A Premises Licence may authorise the sale, by retail, of alcohol, hot food and drink between 11pm and 5am, including regulated entertainment. However, if you are considering arranging a one-off event then a Temporary Events Notice (TEN) may be what you require. This is used to permit these activities but has some limitations.

With all licences the Licensing Authority needs to be satisfied that you are complying with the four licensing objectives:

  1. The prevention of crime and disorder
  2. The prevention of public safety
  3. The prevention of public nuisance
  4. Protection of children from harm

If you have been granted a licence and you fall foul of these objectives, you may find yourself invited to attend a Review Hearing which could result in your licence being suspended or revoked.

Please note that if you are carrying out any licensable activities without the required licence, or breaching any of your licensing conditions, aside from suspension or revocation, you may be breaking the law and could be prosecuted.